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Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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The activities are adaptable for children 2 to 6 years old.

Note:  There are four different crafts.  Choose a craft that is appropriate for the group size, age group and what best meets your curriculum needs.   Enjoy!  

Activity #1 & #2: Introduction to Community Helper: The Baker and present Letter B is for Baker
Review and present the baker and letter B.

Activity #3:  Baker Crafts:
Review links in the materials column. Instructions for crafts #1 and #2 below. Instructions for DLTK crafts at their web page links.

Craft #1: Easy Shapes Baker's Hat - Ages 2+

Practice Shapes:  Square & Circles, Scissor Cutting Skills (3.5+), Counting,  Small Motor Skills, Optional: Introduce or Practice Letter Bb, Color: White

*  In this activity children will have fun practicing shapes: circles and square.
Print the Baker's Hat Template with instructions.  Print on white construction paper or card stock.  No coloring required.
Ahead of time cut strips of white paper 3" to 4" tall to make head bands that are 22 to 24 inches long - the assembled hat will be glued onto the headband.  Hint:  Two bands cut on paper lengthwise is the right size, tape together.
You may want to cut out the small illustration and set next to the child as a guideline of how the hat looks when assembled or make a demonstration in a board or flannel board.
*The instructions will help you with shape, number and letter B introduction/practice.
*Children and educator can wear the hat during the nursery rhyme reading and other related activities.

Craft #2:  Easy Baker Hand Puppet or Stand-up Figure -  Ages 2+

1.  Print out this one puppet template for one child or this two puppet template if many puppets are needed for a larger group.   Ideally print on sturdy paper:  construction or card stock in a pastel color or light color such as yellow, pink, light orange, so children can use white chalk, pastel or crayons to color the baker's clothing

2.  Distribute a cut-out to each child and provide chalk, pastels or crayons (make sure there is white)  Indicate that generally a baker's uniform and hat are white, so.  Suggest they use the white and color the other objects in the images any color they want.

Practice Letter: You may want to write letter B or Baker on the image prior to distributing, and motivate the children to trace the letter B.

To help with scissor cutting skills, cut roughly around leaving some paper around and allow children to cut around the dotted lines.  Provide assistance as needed.

3.  Glue or tape a Popsicle stick/craft stick or against a toilet paper tube and the children can hold and use during the reading of the nursery rhyme later.

Activity #4 (several): Baking, nutrition (bread and grains), multicultural activities, literacy and sequencing activity

Activity #5 > Literacy > Baking theme
Incorporate a literacy activity:
Nursery Rhymes >
Fairy tales and folk tales >
* The Gingerbread Man > A little old lady bakes a gingerbread man cookie.
* The Little Red Hen > this folk tale takes children on a journey of the entire process of planting wheat to the final product > baked bread or cake.

Easy Shapes Baker's Hat
Ages 2+

Crafts Template

Baker Hand Puppet
Ages 2+
1 template
2 templates

Activity 1 & 2

The Baker printable activities

External links
Age 3+

Baker TP Roll Craft

Ages 2+
DLTK's Number Two Craft
Baker Number Two Craft

Number Two Writing Worksheet
Coloring Page
* white paper or card stock
* scissors
* glue
* tape
* Optional: craft sticks, toilet paper tubes
* coloring tools

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