Air Transportation Coloring Pages
and Activity Worksheets [Aviation]

Enjoy these printable activities, an extension of transportation activities and crafts, suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

Airplanes - Aviation - Aeronautics:

airplane coloring page
Airplane - plane
airplane coloring page
Airplane - plane
plane coloring page
Airplane - plane
airplane pattern coloring page
Airplane or jet pattern
[all patterns]

letter j jet printable activities
Letter J Jet printable activities
jet coloring page
letter p pilot printable activities
Letter P Pilot printable activities
amelia earhart coloring page
Pilot - Amelia Earhart
poster | coloring page

Balloon Aircraft Theme (Aerostats):

letter j jet printable activities
Letter B Balloon printable activities
[hot air balloon theme]
hot air balloon coloring page
Hot Air Balloon

blimp coloring page

Airship - Dirigible Balloon Blimp or Zeppelin

Helicopter Theme:

helicopter trace worksheet Helicopter Worksheet 1
Skills:  pre-writing skills (pencil control) - trace curved, straight and zigzag lines - identify, count, match the shapes - trace numbers 1 to 4, coloring
Related > Numbers | Shapes
letter h helicopeter printable activities
Letter H Helicopter
printable activities
heilcopter coloring page

helicopeter dot-to-dot Helicopter - Dot-to-Dot 1-10
Skills:  Number recognition, sequence, pre-writing skills (pencil control), coloring
Related >
Dot-to-Dots | Numbers

Other flyers:

letter k kite printable activities
Letter K Kite printable activities
kite coloring page
Kite > find the shapes

kite mouse coloring page
Kite and bird
kite clouds coloring page
Kite and clouds
[kite theme]
External resource
high flyers alphabet activity book  nasa
High Flyers Alphabet
Activity Book [PDF]
Introduces basics of aeronautics
Level K-2
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