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Enjoy United States patriotic holidays coloring pages an extension of United States patriotic activities and crafts.  These are suitable for preschool and kindergarten.

The coloring pages are suitable for the following national holidays:
February >
President's Day (observed third Monday)
June 14th >
Flag Day
May >
Memorial Day (observed last Monday)
July 4th >
Independence Day | Fourth of July
November 11th >
Veteran's Day 
Alphabet Patriotic Theme Printable Activities
description leads to related activities
GN = Generic   DN  =  D'Nealian   SB = Standard block
Activities and Crafts Color Poster Coloring Page Handwriting
Eagle (Bald)
National bird
-- DN | SB DN | SB
National symbol
SB ZB --
Oak tree
National tree
*Note: Some of these coloring images can be used to create classroom signs or writing paper

Abraham Lincoln: Log cabin
Abraham Lincoln: writing paper or sign

Abraham Lincoln: Memorial Monument

George Washington and the cherry tree 1 | 2 [legend]

Notable American People and Legends
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Paul Bunyan, The Giant Lumberjack [tall tale]
Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox Babe:  
coloring page | online puzzle
American Pilot:  Amelia Earhart
coloring page | poster | airplane online puzzle

Unites States National Symbols and Emblems
Coloring Pages

Alphabet Letter E Eagle Printable Activities
Bald Eagle 1
Bald Eagle & USA Flag
| online puzzle
Bald Eagle 2

Bald Eagle and Rose, national flower

My First United States Flag Activity
My United States Flag Color-by-the Word Activity
(more coloring pages depicting the flag below)

United States Patriotic Coloring Pages

Patriotic: Astronaut and U.S.A. flag (Moon Landing)
poster | coloring page
Alphabet Letter A Astronaut: poster | coloring page

Patriotic balloons:  poster | coloring page
Patriotic banner - I Love the USA: poster | coloring page
Patriotic apple pie and baseball players: poster | coloring page
Patriotic child and dog:  poster | coloring page
Patriotic child dressed as Uncle Sam and dog:
poster | coloring page
Patriotic dog and USA and American flag:
poster | coloring page
Patriotic Alphabet Letter F Flag Printable Activities
Patriotic fireworks: 
poster | coloring page
Patriotic fish: 
poster | coloring page
Patriotic: USA - USA Flag Theme 1:
poster | coloring page
Patriotic snowman:  poster | coloring page
Statue of Liberty, USA Flag and Fireworks
coloring page | online puzzle

USA Holiday Specific Coloring Pages

Veteran's Day or Memorial Day
USA flag and poppy wreath coloring page

Memorial Day | Veteran's Day:  Poppies and Crosses