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Alphabet Letter I Ice Cream Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets

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Alphabet Letter I Ice Cream
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets
The ice cream theme is a fun way to introduce the long I letter sound. Review the themes above for related activities.

Ice cream is a soft frozen food and desert made with sweetened and flavored milk fat. It can be eaten in a cone, a bar on a stick, milk shake, sundae, and many other ways. It can also be enjoyed in non-dairy and lactose-free variety.

Make sure to have real ice cream for this activity, and it makes for a fun and yummy reward for completing the activities.

Activities > Letter I Ice Cream:

Print your choice of printable activities in the materials column.

  1. Tell the children they are going to have fun with ice cream activities and learn about the letter I i. Show the letter I ice cream poster in color.

  2. Tell them letter I i is the easiest letter to write, because it looks like a little stick and also looks a lot like number 1.

  3. Ask them what do they see in the poster. Demonstrate and run your finger over the letter I and point to the fact that little "I i"  has a dot on top.

  4. Tell them letter "I i" has different sounds in different words, but today they are going to concentrate on just one sound, the one it makes in the word ice cream (long i).

  5. Share some other words that carry the same sound - refer to activity worksheet: ice skates, icicle, iron, island.

Activity: Letter I Ice Cream coloring page or worksheet

  • For children ages 3+ distribute the I i Ice cream coloring page and for older children the handwriting practice worksheet.

  • Have the children circle and color all letter I i's they can find in the page first, assist as needed.

  • Tell them to color the ice cream using colors that reflect their favorite flavors.

Activity: Letter I Worksheet and Mini Book:

These materials can be used as part of Letter I program of activities to reinforce letter practice and to identify related letter I words. Read suggested instructions for using the worksheet and mini-book.

Discuss other letter I words and images found in the worksheet. You can also display other I posters and coloring pages or even make a letter I classroom book using coloring images or color posters. Visit Letter I Printable Activities to make your choice.

Advanced Handwriting Practice:

1. Print your choice of printable lined-paper. Have children draw and color an ice cream cone behind the lined paper or select and print an ice cream coloring page to color after writing practice.

2. Drawing and writing paper: encourage children to draw and color an ice cream cone or dish with ice cream and practice writing letter I i.

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