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Printing Tips

The printing template page was updated March 29, 2022 and it yields an easier and smoother printing experience.

All the pages in the website are printer friendly in any device: mobile or PC. All advertising, social buttons, navigation links, large images and YouTube video boxes will be ignored in the printing process. Only template images, and small images that are necessary for your reference in lesson plans or crafts instructions will print.


A printable template is any image that opens in a separate window with a top border with a print link in the top border as shown above. Templates include: printable crafts, coloring pages, worksheets, color posters, flash cards, printable games (dot-to-dots, etc.), etc.

Essential adjustments to make in all browsers to print templates correctly - refer to the image on the right:

recommended print settings
  • In More settings > uncheck: headers & footers & background graphics. This prevents page numbering, URL address and web page title, etc. to print or appear if you save as PDF.
  • In More settings, we recommend selecting Margins > Minimum, this will yield the intended size for the template content. The default setting shrinks the template and gives wider margins.
  • Select to print page 1 or Odd pages only, or it may feed a blank page after printing the template.
  • Important: When printing many templates the better option is:
    • In More settings > go to Margins > select Minimum,
    • Go to Scale > select Custom > reduce to 97. Now you can print without having to select page 1 or odd pages only, and it quits feeding a blank page after printing the template.
  • You can also test both default and minimum margin settings, and choose the one you prefer on print preview.
  • These adjustments must be made before using the print function or saving to PDF format.
  • Mobile devices: When printing from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, you may only be able to print on Default setting, unless your printer brand & model has a dedicated mobile plug-in (mobile app) to change the settings as outlined above.

Be sure to select color or black & white printing depending on the template, and save on ink by selecting lowest dpi your printer offers.

The calendars, fables and a few featured stories print correctly in portrait (smaller version) and landscape mode (larger version), select your preference, preview and print.

To print a template the following is recommended in print setup or page setup for your browser. Only proceed to print when you are satisfied with the print preview.

Google Chrome: This is the browser that is used the most in desktop and mobile devices (except tablets), therefore, I test printing in this one the most. Additional information for printing @ Chrome support

  1. In the Print preview window, click More settings: in Options uncheck both Headers and footers and Background graphics, in Margins, select Minimum.

  2. Look at your template preview, it should fit properly, centered and occupy most of the page. If by any chance the image gets chopped or doesn't fit (very unlikely), then choose Default in Margins.

  3. If using minimum margin, it may indicate 2 sheets to print for a single page, page 2 is blank. Select to print odd pages only or page one in custom to correct the issue.

  4. Tips to print web pages (not templates): You can reduce the number of pages to print by compressing the content the pages occupy by using the Scale option in More settings, here is how:

    • In More settings, find Scale, select Custom and a dialog box with a 100 will appear; use the tiny arrows to scale down just a few numbers (98 - 90) until the content fits in fewer pages; look at the preview window, when satisfied with the reduction, proceed to print. Note that the size of the font is reduced and that affects readability.

    • To have a larger font size for readability increase the number in scale until the font size meets your needs, but know this will result in printing more pages.
How to print from:
Microsoft Edge or
Internet Explorer
How to print from:

Mozilla Firefox
How to print from:
Safari - AirPrint
[Mac] [iPhone] [iPad]


  • Print on both sides of the paper whenever possible, such as coloring pages, worksheets, lined-writing paper, and activity pages that are not cut-and-paste.
  • Set printer to normal, economy or draft printing to save on ink. This will vary depending on your printer brand and/or model.
  • Purchase recycled ink cartridges.
  • Worksheets: Use sturdy non-glare sheet protectors, and washable erasable markers or washable crayons to reuse the worksheets.

Unleash the power of your printer > Resizing

  • I encourage you to experiment with resizing some of the templates to meet your needs for home or the classroom. For example:
    • Color posters: These can be printed directly to: 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm), 5"x 7" (13 x 18 cm) or 5" x 8" (13" x 20 cm) white plain index cards (fed into the printer one at a time works best). These work well to make small home bulletin board displays, story telling, for games, and more.
    • Instructions for Chrome: In Print preview open More Settings > in Paper size > scroll and select one of the sizes mentioned above, in Margins select > None, look at your preview, if satisfied, print.
    • You can trim the excess bottom margin to match the top margin if you like with a scrapbook paper cutter or scissors, particularly if you intend to laminate.

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