Printing Tips

All the pages in the website are printer friendly in any device: mobile or PC. All advertising, bottom border, navigation links and YouTube video links will be ignored in the printing process.

A printable template is any image that opens in a separate window with a top border with a print link: crafts, coloring pages, worksheets, color posters, printable games (dot-to-dots, etc.). The templates only print correctly in portrait mode, 'headers and footers' removed, and default setting for margins. Be sure to select color or black & white printing depending on the template, and save on ink by selecting 300 dpi.

The calendars, fables and a few featured stories print correctly in portrait (smaller version) and landscape mode (larger version), select your preference, preview and print. Magins set to Standard in Chrome or minimum in other browsers.

To print a printable template the following is recommended in print setup or page setup for your browser. Only procced to print when you are satisfied with the print preview.

Google Chrome:

  1. In the Print preview window, click +More settings: in Options uncheck Headers and footers, in Margins, set Default
  2. Look at your template preview, it should fit properly, centered and occupy most of the page. In some instances the template image will be carried over to page 2 instead of page 1, scroll and look at the preview in page 2, and print.
  3. Tip: You can reduce the number of pages to print by compressing the content the pages occupy by using the Scale option in +More settings, here is how:
    • In +More settings, under Page size, you will see Scale and a box with a 100, use the arrows to scale down a just few numbers (like 99 - 96) until the content fits in fewer pages and look at it in the preview window, then proceed to print.
    • To have a larger font size for readability .. then increase the number in scale until the font size meets your needs, but know these will result in printing more pages.

Internet Explorer:
In your browser bar, click > File > Print Preview > Page Setup (Alt + U) and save the following settings before printing:

  1. Select page size > Letter (8 1/2" x 11")* and orientation is portrait.
  2. Select "Empty" in all headers and footers or select "blank"
  3. Enter smallest margins allowable for your printer, save settings
  4. Proceed to print

In your browser bar >

  1. Click > Firefox [the tool box]
  2. Open the Print dialog box > Select Print Preview
  3. In the Print Preview window > click on Page Setup > click on the Headers and Footers Tab, and save the following settings:

a. In the Margin slots, enter O (zero) on all sides

b. Select "blank" for all Header and Footers


  • Print on both sides of the paper whenever possible, such as coloring pages, worksheets, lined-writing paper, and activity pages.
  • Set printer to economy or draft printing to save on ink.
  • Purchase recycled ink cartriges.
  • Worksheets: Use sturdy page protectors and washable erasable markers or washable crayons to reuse the worksheets.

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