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First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts
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Come and visit the new content and updates in to find fun early childhood printable activities and lesson plans for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.

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January 2021 Highlights:

October 2020:
  1. Resource: free coloring book contributed by illustrators, bookmarks and more for Children's Book Week courtesy of
  2. Read-print & video: The Fox and the Crow added to Fables.
  3. Crow online puzzle
  4. Crow handwriting worksheet - Standard block
  5. Crow coloring page
  6. Happy Halloween: Safety Tips Colouring Book courtesy of
  7. October 15 is Global Handwashing Day: Fun posters, stickers, and resources courtesy of
  8. Scarecrow, pumpkins & lamppost coloring page
  9. Candy corn and mouse coloring page
  10. Scarecrow costume & jack-o'-lantern coloring page
  11. Scarecrow jack-o'-lantern & pumpkins coloring page
  12. Scarecrow jack-o'-lantern coloring page
  13. Scarecrow, crow & pumpkin coloring page
  14. Scarecrow and crow coloring page
  15. Scarecrow, crows eating corn coloring page
  16. Scarecrow, bale of hay & pumpkins coloring page
  17. Pumpkins, candle and moon coloring page
  18. Pumpkin and pumpkin pie coloring page
  19. Halloween Safety Activity Book courtesy of
  20. Crime Prevention Activity and Coloring Book courtesy of - Novi, MI

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