Alphabet Letter T Tree
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets

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Alphabet Letter T Tree Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets
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Alphabet Activities > Letter T is for Tree
Present and display your option of alphabet letter T Tree printable materials listed in the materials column:

Finger and Pencil Tracing: Trace the letter T's in upper and lower case with your finger as you also sound out the letter. Invite the children to do the same on their coloring page or handwriting worksheet.

Encourage children to trace the dotted letter, and demonstrate the direction and numbers on the arrows that help them trace the letter correctly. During the demonstration, you may want to count out loud as you trace so children become aware of how the number order aids them in the writing process.  

Coloring Activity: Encourage the children to color the tree image with a variety of materials.
Read suggested instructions for using the worksheet and mini-book.

Discuss other letter T words and images found in the worksheet. You can display T posters and coloring pages or even make a letter T classroom book.  For related images visit: letter T printable activities and make your choice.

Letter T Word Search & Handwriting Practice: The four and six word search game features a tree and letter T words with pictures and handwriting practice.

Advanced independent handwriting practice:
1. Print your choice of printable lined-paper and encourage children to draw a tree behind the page or print a tree coloring page

2. Drawing and writing paper: Encourage children to draw, color and decorate a tree and write letter T t.