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Snail Crafts Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Activity 1 & 2 > Introduction to the snail lesson plan

Activity #3 > Alphabet > Introduce letter S is for Snail printable activities

Activity #4 > Crafts >Snail Theme

Craft 1 > Snail Hand Puppet Craft Activities > Two Methods > Print this snail coloring page
1. Snail puppet > Coloring a snail > Crayons
If the children have some scissor skills you may want to distribute thesnail coloring page so they can color it with crayons and then cut out the image as you share some facts about the snail. Tape a craft stick or unsharpened pencil to the back.

2. Snail puppet > Water colors or tempera paint and salt >
Print the snail coloring page to a light colored card stock or construction paper sized to fit in the printer. Distribute and have children use water colors or diluted tempera paint and allow children to use a salt dispenser over the wet paint.This will create an interesting effect and texture.Allow to dry or speed drying process with a hair dryer. Cut out the image have them glue it or tape it to a Popsicle stick/craft stick or a new pencil that has not been used.

3. Using their snail puppets, have the children pretend they are a snail moving slowly around the ocean floor.

Craft 2 > Sea Snail Sand Art >
Idea for older children: Children 5+
Print the snail coloring page to a pastel color paper, cut out and glue the image to a blue construction paper.

Decorate with colored sand which is associated with the marine or sea snail.

To keep the project simple use no more than three colors of sand (one or two colors for the shell and one for the body). Brush thinned glue by sections, use a shaker to sprinkle the sand, wait for a section to dry, shake excess and proceed with the next areas.

Craft 3 > Printable Snail Paper Craft
1. Print and distribute the snail paper craft template on any type of paper or sturdy paper. You may want to print directly on pastel colors for a change of pace and children can color using crayons, markers, stampers or color pencils or one of the methods described above.
Option: Encourage the children to make letter S designs on the shell and make a demonstration.

2. Some children may be able to cut the patterns, and younger ones will need assistance.

3. Before assembly, have the children hold the shell pattern and discuss that the shell is a hard surface that protects the snail body -- it is the snail's home. Ask the children to hold the snail's body and tell them the body is soft and it is a strong foot. Have the children glue the shell to the snails body in the area indicated to protect the body.

4. Optional: After the assembly, attach the snail to half of a toilet paper roll so the snail can stand for display or be used as a puppet.

letter s snail printable activities
Letter S Snail printable activities

Snail Paper Puppet
Print Snail coloring page on construction paper or card stock
*Popsicle stick or craft stick

Snail Paper Craft
Snail Paper Craft template
print on any type of paper
Optional: toilet paper roll

snail coloring pages

Snail coloring pages
Other materials:
* coloring tools
* painting supplies
* scissors
* tape
* glue or glue stick

Optional: salt, colored sand, salt shaker