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Humpty Dumpty Craft - Practice Oval Shape
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Activity 3 > Craft > Design your Humpty Dumpty

  • Show, read and sing the Humpty Dumpty rhyme here.

  • Print Humpty Dumpty with no features or the egg pattern and gather materials.

  • Ask what shape is the egg, a sort of oval.   

  • Ask your child to decorate the Humpty Dumpty or oval shape by adding legs, arms, facial features and using any items available.

  • Offer as little guidance as possible, let child’s imagination run free and have fun creating his/her version of Humpty Dumpty!

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Print your choice:
decorate humpty dumpty coloring page
Decorate Humpty Dumpty
egg coloring page
Make your own Humpty Dumpty
Egg | Oval shape pattern  

 *Something to color with  
*Scraps of color paper
*Wiggly eyes