Puss in Boots Fairy Tale Story Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Review all alphabet and printable materials for a colorful presentation and display.

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  1. A cat is a small, furry mammal with-whiskers, short ears, and a long tail. Cats, also called house cats, are often kept as pets or to catch mice and rats. Cats are carnivorous, this means they primarily eat meat.
  2. A cat is also any of the larger wild animals related to cats, such as the leopard, lion, tiger, cheetah, etc.
  3. House cats are the most popular pet in the U.S.A.
Tell the children they are going read a great fairy tale about a cat.

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or read a children's book version of your choice.

Puss in Boots
is a fairy tale of French and Italian origins, and the best known version is that of Charles Perrault. In the tale, a cat uses trickery to help his poor master gain power and financial success, and the hand of a princess in marriage. The emphasis is the role of the cat as a helper.

View and read along with this contemporary version Puss in Boots @ Appuseries You Tube Channel featured above.

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Puss and Boots coloring pages in the materials column

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Print your choice of a printable cat craft and incorporate the alphabet activities below.

Activity > Alphabet Letter C Cat lesson plan printable activities and incorporate craft activity.

Puss in Boots coloring pages
puss in boots coloring page 1

puss in boots coloring page 2

puss in boots coloring page 3

letter c cat  printable activities

Letter C Cat printable activities

cat printable crafts
Cat printable crafts

cat and kitten coloring pages
Cats coloring pages