Mary Had a Little Lamb Stand-up Display Craft
Nursery Rhyme Craft

ay Had a Little Lamb Stand-up Display Craft - Nursery RhymeThis is an easy cute craft and homemade toy with a movable figure of Mary and her lamb to dramatize the nursery rhyme. Use it to introduce the lamb theme, school theme, and to prepare children for their first kindergarten experience or just going back to school.


  • printer
  • white paper stock or light blue construction paper for template 1 (the display tent)
  • coloring tools if using B&W templates
  • scissors
  • glue
  • (six) craft sticks or lollypop sticks
  • red washable paint/brush or red marker to paint craft sticks
  • toilet paper tube or small box for support of the display template


  1. Print the template of your choice on card stock in color or black and white. Template 1 (display tent) can be printed to light blue paper.
  2. Cut out the templates. Young children will need assistance.
  3. School assembly:  Assemble with 6 (six) craft sticks or lollipop sticks or red paper.
    • Glue sticks in vertical position on a piece of paper (refer to illustration).  Allow the glue to dry before paiting.
    • Paint or use red marker on the sticks. 
    • While the paint dries proceed with the next steps. After the paint is dry, cut out excess paper around the sticks.
  4. Color the images in template 2 if applicable. Discuss colors.
  5. Glue the craft stick school section to template 1 (display tent).
  6. Glue the background elements: roof, door, school sign, grass and cloud. You can add a bit of cotton ball pieces to the cloud (optional)
  7. While children are doing step #5 & #6, an adult or older sibling can help assemble the stand-up figure. Fold on dotted lines to form a triangular tent. Tape or glue small flaps just where they meet to stand up.
  8. Fold template 1 (stand-up display) along the dotted area to form an L shape.
  9. Glue a toilet paper tube or similar object to the back for support.
  10. Use the display to sing and dramatize the nursery rhyme.


  • Close template window after printing to return to this screen.
  • Set page margins to zero (minimum) if you have trouble fitting the template on one page or review Print Help.

May Had a Little Lamb Stand-up Display Craft - Nursery Rhyme

Color: Template 1 | Template 2

B&W: Template 1 | Template 2

Resources: Mary Had a Little Lamb lesson plan printable activities: includes color poster, coloring pages, video and other activities.

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