Bookmark Craft | United States Pledge of Allegiance | Flag Day Preschool Lesson Plan Activities

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Purpose: Introduce young children to the importance of a national symbol, the United States flag andThe Pledge of Allegiance. Children will appreciate the importance of the pledge as they grow and observe us modeling and living the pledge daily by being good citizens.

Activity 1: What is a flag? What does a National Flag represent?
Display a flag - here is color poster

Ask the children what is a flag. A flag is a piece of cloth, in the shape of a rectangle or triangle, with colors, and designs. Flags are used for signaling or as symbols of a country or organization.

Every country has a national flag. A national flag represents a country’s citizens. When you are the citizen of a country is like being part of a team and you work together to take care of the country. A country is like a big home with many rooms and in each room are families and individuals living in communities.You can expand on how "the big rooms" are states, with "smaller rooms" called counties and sections called towns and cities.

Activity: Letter F Flag Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activity: Discuss and present the The Pledge of Allegiance
The Pledge of Allegiance is a promise of loyalty to the United States. The Pledge is recited at the beginning of classes in school, and most everyone can say it from memory. It should be recited standing up, facing the flag, and with the right hand over the heart. In the United States Congress, the sessions of the House of Representatives and the Senate begin their daily business with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Read the text of the pledge solemnly and slowly. Simplify the language of the pledge as necessary to ensure comprehension.For example - "I promise to respect the flag, which represents the United States of America, one nation (country), which cannot be divided (all the communities/states remain unified), under God, with freedom and fairness (justice) for all."

*The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag at

Activity: Pledge of Allegiance Bookmark Craft

The bookmark craft is a vehicle to emphasize on the importance of reading to be informed and efficient citizens. The design of the bookmark is that of a home, representing our country and communities unified and indivisible. Tell the children that reading and learning about our country, understanding our national symbols, history and current events is important to be a good citizens. Revisit the Pledge periodically and we can read biographies of notable Americans that have been models of good citizenship.

Shapes and colors: Identify all shapes for all pieces on the template: bookmark & door (rectangles), the heart, stars, the roof (triangles). Discuss the colors, on the template (red, blue and white).

Numbers/Pre-Math Activities:
To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out.

1. Sorting/Sizing/Categorizing: Have the children sort the shapes by size. Have the children arrange the sorted shapes from smallest to largest.

2. Counting: Count how many shapes in each pile/size. You may want to write the numbers as you count on the blank side of the template to acquaint the children with printed numbers.

Proceed with craft assembly. Make a demonstration of the procedure for assembly. Refer to instructions page.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Bookmark
Ages 5+
Bookmark Craft | United States Pledge of Allegiance | Flag Day Preschool Lesson Plan Activities
illustration only
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black & white

Assembly instructions

letter f flag printable activities
Ff Flag printable activities

* white paper, card stock is better.

* scissors

* crayons, markers

*small string or ribbon

*Include a book about a related holiday, or biography