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Plants and Gardening
Educational Links for Preschool and Elementary

The Biology of Plants

My First Garden
A guide for kids to the world of fun and clever gardening (flowers & vegetables). In English and Spanish.

Forests | Woodlands & Trees Links

The Great Plant Escape
Help Detective Leplant and his partners Bud and Sprout uncover the mysteries of plant life. In English and Spanish.

Plant Specific Sites >  Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, etc.
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Apples and more
Apple education, history and legends, apple facts, varieties, growing apples, nutrition, recipes, orchards.
Cherries - Americas "Super Fruit," learn about cherries array of health benefits, their year-round availability, and a variety of ways to enjoy them in your diet every day.

Pumpkins and more
Pumpkin education, history, facts, varieties, growing pumpkins, nutrition, recipes.

Raspberries and more
A guide to growing raspberries, varieties, nutrition, selection & care.

Strawberries and more
A guide to growing strawberries, u-pick strawberry farms, strawberry nutrition, recipes, selection & care.
Watermelon games, activities, lesson plans, and recipes.