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Plants and Gardening
Educational Links for Preschool and Elementary

The Biology of Plants

My First Garden
A guide for kids to the world of fun and clever gardening (flowers & vegetables). In English and Spanish.

Forests | Woodlands & Trees Links

The Great Plant Escape
Help Detective Leplant and his partners Bud and Sprout uncover the mysteries of plant life. In English and Spanish.

Plant Specific Sites >  Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, etc.
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Apples and more
Apple education, history and legends, apple facts, varieties, growing apples, nutrition, recipes, orchards.
Cherries - Americas "Super Fruit," learn about cherries array of health benefits, their year-round availability, and a variety of ways to enjoy them in your diet every day.

Great Corn Adventure
Zea Mays explains the importance of corn, how it grows, and its thousands of different uses.

Pumpkins and more
Pumpkin education, history, facts, varieties, growing pumpkins, nutrition, recipes.

Raspberries and more
A guide to growing raspberries, varieties, nutrition, selection & care.

Strawberries and more
A guide to growing strawberries, u-pick strawberry farms, strawberry nutrition, recipes, selection & care.
Watermelon games, activities, lesson plans, and recipes.