Domino Math: Printable Dominoes and Worksheet
Domino Math: Printable Dominoes and Worksheet

Domino math printable activities and worksheet to learn to count, to write numerals, and basic addition equations to number 12. These are suitable for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Dominoes or dominos are a Chinese invention. View information on the Western and Chinese variation. Dominoes were inducted in the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2012. This educational game is suitable for Chinese New Year activities.

printable dominos traditional page 1
Traditional domino
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printable dominos traditional page 2
Traditional domino
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printable dominos traditional page 3
Traditional domino
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dominoes addition worksheet
Domino addition worksheet
*suggestion for use below*
printable alphabet dominoes
Alphabet domino
Standard block & D'Nealian

Suggestions for Dominoes Addition Worksheet:

The worksheet will help to learn addition equations up to 12.
Tip: Insert worksheet in sheet protector and use dry erase markers:

  1. Use a set of game dominoes or print a set above.
  2. Start by selecting dominoes with easy equations and low addition results and progress to bigger numbers.
  3. Place selected dominoes face down and mix.
  4. Children will select one domino and place above their blank domino pattern worksheet.
  5. Make sure to explain the (+) plus and (=) equal symbols.
  6. Children will copy/draw the circle patterns in their domino worksheet, write and complete the equation.
  7. Continue until four domino equations are completed.
  8. Have children read the equations properly out loud: one plus one equals two