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Instructions and Suggestions


*A is for Acorn
*L is for Leaf
*T is for Turkey
*O is for Oak

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TreesAcorns | Oak
Ages 2.5 and older, preschool and Kindergarten

This is a very simple craft for young children to introduce or revisit a very special and beloved North American bird, the turkey.  It features two overlapping autumn oak leaves (ordinary oak) to represent the turkey's feathers and tail; the turkey's head is an acorn, the oak's fruit and seed.  The oak tree is an important source of food for wild turkeys -- acorns are one of their favorite treats. 

This craft can help to enhance related children's literature, and your choice of topics in the themes column.

Activity #2:  Oak Leaves and Acorn Turkey Printable Craft  (7 pieces)

Make sure to review and include related learning activities below to address and discuss the different elements of the craft before and/or during craft assembly:

Thanksgiving Holiday:   

Printing / Assembly and Decoration Suggestions: 
Note:  The body template (circle) can be glued to a CD.

Review themes/ learning activities below below that can be presented before, during and after assembly.

1.  Printing option 1:  Print color templates, cut
and assemble.  Fold beak and place glue where indicated.

2.  Printing option 2:  Print all black & white templates
Suggestion 1:  Children can color and cut out template pieces (assist when needed).  Fold beak and place glue where indicated.

Suggestion 2 :  Cut out template pieces and trace, onto different colors craft paper (older children may be able to this step themselves) - use autumn colors if the activity is seasonal or,

Suggestion #3:  Letters or numbers activity explained below. 

Note:  For children under 3 years of age pre-assemble/glue the smallest templates:  beak and waddle to the acorn ahead of time -- this makes the craft easier to assemble leaving five large pieces. 

Other ideas for decorating the craft:

Older children (ages 4.5 - 6) need more challenge to make the process more interesting and explore other art techniques or simply set up various materials and different brushes, sponge rollers, etc., and allow them to discover ways to paint and decorate.

1. Mosaic:  fill the body and/or leaf template with real oak leaves or crushed leaves in different colors.  Fill the the templates with cut up & shapes of tissue paper, or left over craft paper, and cut out excess.
2.  Use a sponge roller or pieces of sponges cut into basic shapes, and mix shades and/or roll paint.
3.  Use a dropper to paint the oak leaves.
4.  Glue yarn to half of toilet paper tube in different designs, roll the tube over a thin layer of paints and roll over the template -  really neat designs will be achieved.  Messy?  Yes, but lots of fun.
5.  Explore with stripes and color mixing.

Themes & Learning Activities for Turkey Crafts

3. Plants:  Trees | Seasons | Colors |  Autumn Activities:  
**Autumn Season:  Why Leaves Turn Colors in Fall:
The COLORS in the OAK leaf and other elements of the craft helps us discuss the changes that occur during the Autumn season and to introduce why leaves "change colors"

The color template of the oak leaf has colors ranging from dark yellows to a deep red --this is to demonstrate the seasonal changes that occur as trees welcome and prepare for the onset of autumn (colder climates). Discuss and show real leaves that show these changes.  Of course, this is a very simplistic explanation for very young children.

Here is a detailed explanation of this process at KidZone.ws - Why Leaves Turn Colors in Fall , which is suitable to an older audience (6+ approx.), but still fun to explore and has great fun images. 

You may want to visit this related activity that explores trees an online activity:  A Year in the Life of a Tree that richly illustrates these seasonal changes.  Other activities that address trees

4. Alphabet skills for this craft:

*Letter A Acorn activities and printables - long a sound (the fruit of the oak)
The turkey's head template is an ACORN the fruit (a type of nut) and the seed produced by an OAK tree.  Acorns are a favorite food of wild turkeys.
Note:  The acorn template has "HIDDEN upper case letter A's.  "Challenge" the children to find the letter A's in the template, do not point to the acorn, but to find any hidden letter A's after distributing the template page.

*Letter L is for LeafThe tail of the turkey craft is a pair of oak leaves in autumn colors

Alphabet Letter O is Oak - United States National Tree activities and printables
The tail is an OAK Leaf pattern to celebrate the OAK tree.   Alphabet:  Letter O is for Oak (long o sound)

The oak leaf in the turkey complements and celebrates America's choice for a National Tree -- the OAK tree.  Introduce letter O is for Oak and additional resources by Arborday.org (The National Arbor Day Foundation).    

* T is for Turkey printable materials

Letters & Numbers:  Color-by-the-Number or Color-by the Letter Activities
Before distributing the black & white template, write numbers or letters in the template pieces to represent colors making it a color-by-the-number or color-by-the letter activity.  On a separate piece of paper (or on the template page) make a simple graph with the number or letters and the designated color so the children can refer to it.  

Shapes and Learning about Birds: The SHAPES of the templates help us discuss the basic parts of the bird and more.  The beak (triangle), the body is an EGG (a sort of oval), birds hatch from hard shelled eggs, the feet (stars), the tail/feathers is shaped liked two ordinary type oak leaves -- only birds have feathers. The head is an acorn, the fruit of the oak tree and one the wild turkey's favorite food!

Oak Leaves & Acorn Turkey Craft:

Illustration only
Templates below

Turkey Craft
Color Version

*Template #1
*Template #2

Black & White 
*Template #1 
*Template #2
Note:  Instead of large leaf template glue real oak leaves to form the tail portion or fill the black & white template with leaves.

Alphabet Support Materials:
* A is for Acorn
* L is for Leaf
* T is for Turkey
O is for Oak

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