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Weather Theme Preschool Activities and Crafts

Come and have fun with weather theme activities for older toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Visit a theme to find activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed related to climate and weather conditions. You will find lesson plans, crafts, printable activities, coloring pages and related early childhood resources.

letter i icicle printable activities Alphabet Letter R Rainbow printable activities 
letter s snow color printable activities letter u umbrella printable activities
letter w water color poster Polar Animals Alphabet Activities
Printable activities for:

Each lesson plan includes:

  • color poster, coloring page, handwriting worksheets
  • worksheet and mini-book, word search & more
Coloring Pages
Weather coloring pages

Weather coloring pages

External link: Water cycle coloring pages
Crafts - Climate and Weather  
cloud craft at dltk-kids External link > Cloud Craft: Water cycle > rain, snow
easy shapes home house craft House of Shapes Craft
Dress this house craft to reflect different weather conditions
Caribou, Deer, Elk, Moose, Reindeer or Wapiti Craft Polar theme crafts [cold weather | Arctic and Antarctica)
Rainbow them crafts Rainbow theme crafts
snow snowmen crafts
Snow | Snowflakes | Snowman
ummbrella theme crafts
External links > Umbrella theme crafts [rain and sun block]
Kite theme crafts for windy weather
Windy: Kite theme crafts
Nursery Rhyme
rain rain go away nursery rhyme poster

April showers bring May flowers
Rain, rain go away
[Water cycle]
Online Story time and Activities * Drippy the Raindrop [story time]
* What Will Bella Wear? [activity] Weather conditions and the clothes that we wear:
* Windy: Fly a Kite [story time]
Online Jigsaw Puzzles J is for Jacket | R is Rainbow | Snowman | U is Umbrella
Science Water Cycle: The Cotton Ball and Water Activity (Rain)
Links Riding the Wind with Kalani is designed for 5-8 year olds to gain knowledge about the weather.