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August 2017 Printable Calendar

You will find August activities that include easy instructions and a list of materials needed, printable crafts, printable and related resources. I would love to hear your kind comments and ideas to make this a better section.
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Holidays, Events and Observances Suggested activities
Get Ready for School and Back to School
August & September
Back to School theme
National Water Quality Month Water theme
International Clown Week [info.]
1st full week of August
Clowns theme
Sports Day - August 1st Sports theme
Watermelon Day - August 3rd Watermelon lesson plan
National Aviation Day - August 19th
Orville Wright's Birthday
Aviation | Air Transportation theme
Tooth Fairy Day - August 22nd *Visit the Dental Health Coloring Pages
External resources:
*View the online story Visit the Dentist with Marty
and Shining Smiles printable curriculum for preschool-1st grade at
Be An Angel Day - August 22nd * Bible lesson plan:  "The Annunciation"
Angel Gabriel visits Mary
* Bible lesson plan:  "The Resurrection"
An Angel Appears to Mary Magdalene 
with Great News!
* Angels Theme Coloring Pages