Animals Alphabet Coloring Pages for Toddlers M - Z · HugMe Collection

Animals  Alphabet Coloring Pages for Toddlers M - Z HugMe Collection

This is a good starter set to present the alphabet to toddlers (ages 2 to 4 or 48 months & under) with cute and friendly animal images and large bubble letters that are easy to paint or color.


letter m monkey coloring page
Letter M monkey coloring page
letter n narwhal coloring page
Letter N narwhal coloring page
letter n nightingale coloring page
Letter N nightingale coloring page
[birds theme]
letter o octopus coloring page
Letter O octopus coloring page
letter p penguin coloring page
Letter P penguin coloring page
letter q quail coloring page
Letter Q quail coloring page

letter r rabbit coloring page
Letter R rabbit coloring page
letter s snail coloring page
Letter S snail coloring page

letter s snake coloring page
Letter S snake coloring page
letter turtle coloring page
Letter T turtle coloring page

letter u unicorn coloring page
Letter U unicorn coloring page
letter u urchin coloring page
Letter U urchin coloring page
[ocean theme]
letter v vulture coloring page
Letter V vulture coloring page
letter w whale coloring page
Letter W whale coloring page
letter x-ray tetra coloring page
Letter X - X-ray tetra coloring page
[fish theme]
letter y yak coloring page
Letter Y yak coloring page

letter z zebra coloring page
Letter Z zebra coloring page



Materials and suggestions for this age group:

  • fingerpaints, fingerpaint paper (cut & resize to fit printer) or regular computer paper, dot markers, large washable markers, or large crayons

  • Color practice: Each image requires two to four colors. A Crayola brand 24-count box has all the colors needed. (view color chart)

  • Optional: Print to light blue paper, it's a nice natural background for animals.

  • Optional: For repeated use, insert in sturdy non-glare sheet protectors and use washable erasable large markers or crayons. Snap photos with your mobile device.
If you are starting out to engage with children in this age group, one of the most effective ways to motivate them to paint and color is to participate in the activity with them. Young children love to emulate their beloved caregivers. Children will learn by observing what you do. If you have a mobile device, search for an image of the animal, so children can see what the real animal looks like, and they get to learn what is real vs. a drawing or cartoon image.

Forming good habits early on is important, so encourage children to trace or paint the letter using the proper writing sequence. When we write letters correctly, we write faster, maintain proper spacing, and is legible.

Each letter has a link to related lesson plans, and/or printable crafts to present and reinforce letter recognition.

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