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Ages: 3 to 6 Preschool and kindergarten, VBS, Sunday school

The following set of activities are to engage children in celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The craft focuses on the nativity of Jesus or birth of Jesus.

The craft allows children to own and make a Nativity scene to place somewhere special.  Young children love to pretend and role play and the craft is fun for them to reenact the events by moving the figures and/or adding other small toys to it:  plastic barn animals, etc.  A song relevant to this event is also wonderful way for children to remember the meaning of the Nativity and use the craft in a meaningful way.    

If the activity is being presented as a theme of winter holidays celebrated around the world here is basic information to prepare a description and introduction. Christmas @

Activity > Bible Activity - Read the Story of the Nativity > The Birth of Jesus
Read the story of the Nativity from your choice of toddler or preschool Bible story book.  Here is Bible text Luke 2:1-20 in the Internatioanl Children's Bible @ At the top you can choose a different Bible version. Discuss at your discretion.  

Activity Craft > Stand-up Nativity Ages 2+ (with assistance)  

Note:  Play some holiday music while children are doing the craft -- links below.

Printing and assembly options:
The craft is available in color or black line format to color and decorate.   Print your choices in the materials column.  Ideally, on sturdy paper (card stock) and if using the black & white version you may be able to print template 1 directly on blue paper for night background. 

Assembling the craft:

1.  Have children color the images in template 2 if applicable.   Discuss colors.  Optional:  Do a color by the number activity -  assign colors and number by making a small graph on a corner of the template or a board.

2.  Cut out all pieces in template #2C or 2B.  Have children glue the star and frame pieces on the dotted areas of template 1.  Children can add glitter glue to the sky area of additional small stars on the background.

3.  While children are doing step #2 adults can help cut out the stand-up figures around the solid line and fold on dotted line to form a triangular tent.  Use a piece of tape or glue small flaps just where they meet to stand up.   

4.  Fold template 1C or 1B along the dotted area to form an L shape.  Glue a toilet paper tube or similar object to the back for support.  

5.  Children can now place the figures in front or glue to the base.  Optional:  add small plastic barn animals if you have them.

Activity 3:  Art Appreciation:  The Nativity
*This activity can be conducted before or after conducting the craft activity

The Nativity has been an inspiration to many artists.  An image, such as a painting can be a wonderful way to bring the  beauty and significance of a Biblical story.  At the same time, we can introduce our children to great works art.  Below are links to famous paintings depicting The Nativity.  Share those you feel comfortable with, and explain that these are how famous painters  (make sure to share their names) painted an image of what they imagined when they heard or read the Christmas story.  These paintings are hundreds of years old and people around the world go to museums to admire their beauty and these works of art continue to tell the story of this important event.
**Duccio di Buoninsegna. Maestà: The Birth of Christ
**Lucas Cranach the Elder. The Birth of Christ
**Lorenzo Lotto. The Nativity 
Activity > Christmas Songs
Choose a song that relates to events of the Nativity.  Sing together and record. Links @ YouTube.
*What Child is This?
*Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem
*Away in the Manger
Stand-up Nativity
stand up nativity craft

Illustration only templates below
Stand-up Nativity
& 2-C

Black & White
1-B & 2-B

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