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Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Craft Christmas | The Nativity
Bible Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Ages: 3 to 6: Preschool and kindergarten, VBS, Sunday school

The following set of activities are to engage children in celebrating Christmas. The craft focuses on the Nativity: the birth of Jesus Christ and His mother the Virgin Mary.The craft and activities can also be adapted to a Mother's Day and May is the Month of Mary theme

The printable craft is easy for the youngest children and it mostly incorporates easy shapes (circles and ovals). The eight point star can be replaced by a basic five-point star. A song, or a Children's Bible book reading relevant to this event is also a wonderful way for children to remember the meaning of the Nativity. Use the craft as an ornament or gift.

If the activity is being presented as a theme of winter holidays around the world here is basic information to prepare a description and introduction > Christmas at

Activity 1 > Bible Activity - Read the Story of the Nativity

Read the story of the Nativity from your choice of toddler or preschool Bible story book.

Here is bible text Luke 2:1-20 from the Internation Children's Bible @ Discuss at your discretion.

Activity 2 > Craft > Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Craft - Ages 2.5+ (with assistance)

Note: Play some holiday music while children are doing the craft -- links below.

Printing and assembly options:
The craft is available in color or black line format to color and decorate. Print your choices in the materials column. Ideally, print on sturdy paper (card stock).

Assembling the craft:

1. Template #1 has a step by step process of assembly to help children to "read" illustrated directions. The templates also have dots to help align the templates as they are layered.

2. Basic Skills: Counting and Shapes
Practice counting the pieces and consider printing the numbers in the back of the template pieces in order of assembly (place face down). Ask children to identify the printed numbers and basic shapes (circles and ovals).

3. Coloring format suggestions: Discuss a color scheme for the black and white format with the children. Make a small color-by-the-number graph. This color scheme could match colors related to your country, province, state, heritage or holiday traditions.

Suggestion: The black and white format can also be traced unto craft paper, remnants of wrapping paper, wall paper, or foam sheets and then assembled. Glitter or sequins are also a nice touch.

Activity 3 > Art Appreciation > The Nativity
*This activity can be conducted before or after conducting the craft activity

The Nativity has been an inspiration to many artists. An image, such as a painting can be a wonderful way to bring the beauty and significance of a Biblical story. At the same time, we can introduce our children to great works art. Below are links to famous paintings depicting The Nativity. Share those you feel comfortable with, and explain that these are how famous painters (make sure to share their names) painted an image of what they imaginedof the events the of the Nativity. These paintings are hundreds of years old and people around the world go to museums to admire their beauty and these paintings continue to tell the story of this important event.
**Duccio di Buoninsegna. Maestà: The Birth of Christ
**Lucas Cranach the Elder. The Birth of Christ
**Lorenzo Lotto. The Nativity

Activity 4 > Christmas Songs
Choose a song that relates to events of the Nativity. Sing together and record.Song links @ YouTube:
*What Child is This?
*Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem
*Away in the Manger
Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Craft
virgin and baby jesus craft

Craft Templates
1 - C & 2 - C

Black & White
1 - B & 2 - B

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Christmas coloring pages

Other materials
*regular or crafting papers
*materials to color with
*glue stick