DLTK's Circle Bear Printable Craft to Practice the Circle Shape

Activities Materials

Activity 1 > DLTK's Circle Bear Printable Craft
Sister site DLTK Craft for Kids' Circle Bear craft is one of the first crafts that Leanne created. I presented this adorable craft to my son when he just over two years old. He absolutely loved it and we still treasure Circle Bear as a Christmas ornament every year. DLTK's circle bear was an inspiration for me to create other shapes theme crafts since the year 2001 along with an alternative circle bear theme craft.

Adult will help cut the template ahead of time for younger children. Older children may be able to cut the template and assemble following instructions.

Children can color the pieces any color they want first or print the color version if you want to emphasize on learning the colors.

Follow the great suggestions in the instructions: what were the colors used, or what color is bear, sort circles by size, count circles and give instructions on the sequence of assembly.

You can add a craft stick to make a puppet.

Activity 2 > Alphabet lesson plan printable activities
Visit the links to include alphabet activities.
* Letter B is for Bear
* Letter T is for Teddy bear

Activity 3 > Learn about Bears
1. Bear facts activity > printable mini-book and learn letter B
2. Online resources about bears.
3. Bear online jigsaw puzzle

External link
circle bear at dltk
Circle Bear Shape Craft
Print this template in color or b/w
Use card stock or construction paper.

Alphabet Printable Activities:
letter b bear printable activities
B is for Bear

letter t teddy bear printable activities
T is for Teddy Bear