The Frog Prince Fairy Tale Online Story Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Review all alphabet and printable materials for a colorful presentation and display.

Activity > Animals > Amphibians > Frogs
Review or present information about frogs and toads.

Tell the children they are going read a great fairy tale about a frog but first, you are going to review or discuss some fun facts about frogs and toads.

Activity > Fairy Tales > The Frog Prince Online >
or read a children's book version of your choice.

The Frog Prince
is a fairy tale, and the best known version is that of the Brothers Grimm. In the tale, a spoiled princess reluctantly befriends a frog, who magically transforms into a handsome prince triggered by the princess kissing the frog. In other early versions the frog turns into a prince when he is allowed to spend the night on the princess's pillow.

Read this contemporary version online The Frog Prince @ Appuseries You Tube Channel

Activity >
The Frog Prince coloring pages in the materials column

Activity > Online Jigsaw Puzzle> The Frog Prince
Skills: Problem solving, and computer mouse skills
Use the change cut button to change level of difficulty. The default puzzle is 6 pieces for the youngest children 3+ and older.

Activity >Art and Crafts> Frogs
1. Print your choice of a printable frog craft and incorporate the alphabet activities below.

2. Craft activity to compare a frog and toad > sensory experience: smooth frog and bumpy toad.

Activity > Alphabet Letter F Frog lesson plan printable activities and incorporate craft activity

Have a great froggy fun day!

the frog prince online jigsaw puzzle
The Frog Prince online jigsaw puzzle

The Frog Prince coloring pages
the frog prince coloring page
the frog prince coloring page
the frog prince coloring page

letter f frog printable activities

Letter F Frog printable activities

frog printable crafts

Frog printable crafts

frogs coloring pages

Frogs coloring pages