Frogs and Toads Preschool Printable Lesson Plan Activities

Activities Materials

For preschoolers lets keep the presentation very simple, for older children review more information at Frogs:
1.  What is an amphibian?  Amphibians include frogs, toads and salamanders.

2.  The Frog Cycle:  the reproduction and growth development of frogs and toads. [printable activity
3.  The differences between a frog and a toad.

4.  Do an art or craft project to demonstrate:
     a. the differences between a toad and a frog by creating different textures or
     b. the frog cycle (metamorphosis)

Activity > Viewing Frogs & Toads >

Activity > Online Jigsaw Puzzles Activity > Frog | Toad
Skills:  Problem solving skills, computer skills > using the mouse, bilingual English - Spanish

Here is an online jigsaw puzzle the children will enjoy featuring a frog on a lily pad and a toad. The default puzzle is 6 pieces. Click on the Change Cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity > Crafts > I Can Decorate a Frog and a Toad (coloring pages or printable crafts)

This activity helps children to learn the physical differences between a frog and a toad in an simple art activity in which they can use a variety of materials and create different textures (sensory experience: smooth and bumpy) on a coloring page or printable craft.

Activity > Letter F Frog or Letter T Toad Printable Activities

Activity:  Read a frog theme story, poem or song
Visit the frog theme for online stories suitable for young children. Include a selection of children's literature from your local library.

Online jigsaw puzzles bilingual
frog online jigsaw puzzle

toad online jigsaw puzzle

Alphabet Printable Activities
letter f frog printable activities

Letter F Frog
letter t toad printable activitie
Letter T Toad