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Angel Craft | Bell Theme | Angels in the Bible Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Angel Craft | Bell Theme | Angels in the Bible
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Angels are very meaningful as they often come as messengers of important events in many Biblical stories. Make sure to include a favorite Bible story with the craft activity, as part of an Advent activity or to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The craft is a simple depiction of a bell angel.The body and arms are bell shapes.

Make sure to have at least one real bell or jingle bells to explore its sound and sing together.

Activity > Bible Activities
Significant stories of the Bible where an angel announces an epic and important event.

Visit related activities:

  • The Annunciation -- an angel tells Mary she will have a special child. This activity is also appropriate to commemorate May the Month of Mary and Mother's Day.

  • The Nativity of Jesus > crafts #1 and #2 -- angels appear to the shepherds to tell them the great news that Jesus is born.

  • Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives (an angel appears) - Luke 22:39-46 > coloring page: with text | labeled

  • The Resurrection -- an angel appears to Mary Magdalene -- he tells her Jesus has risen.

Activity > Craft > Bell Angel Craft (Ages 2+ with assistance)

Note: Play some holiday music while children are doing the craft -- links below.

Printing and assembly options:
The craft is available in color or black line format to color and decorate. Print your choices in the materials column. Ideally, on sturdy paper (card stock), 'foamies' or wallpaper scraps.

Note: We have been working with wallpaper textures and fabrics (leftovers from a local store and from discontinued wallpaper sample books). The children really enjoyed using these materials and we learned about different patterns and textiles. This inspired the use of the colors that resemble fabric in the color version. You may want to try this and it makes a very durable craft/or ornament.

Assembling the craft:

1. Have children color and decorate the templates, if using the coloring format. Optional: Do a color by the number activity - assign colors and number by making a small graph on a corner of the template or a board.

2. Template C-1 or B-1 features a suggested assembly procedure.

3. Add a holiday or Biblical message in the lower border of the large bell.

Activity > Holiday or Biblical Songs
Sing together and listen while assembling the craft. Christmas song links at YouTube:
* Angels we have heard on high
* The First Noel

Activity > Alphabet > A is for Angel Printable Activities
Bell Angel Craft
bell angel craft


Print C - 1 & C - 2

Black & White
Print B - 1 & B - 2

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Letter A Angel activities


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