Frogs Crafts | Online Story The Lily Pad Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

The Lilypad online story - Fred the Frog
Review all alphabet and printable materials for a letter F presentation and colorful display.


  • printer
  • white or green paper
  • coloring tools
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Activity 1: Review or present information about frogs and toads.
Tell the children they are going read a great story about a frog called Fred, but first, you are going to review or discuss some fun facts about frogs and toads.

First, ask the children what they know about frogs and log the information.

Activity 2:  Online Story time or a book of your choice

The Lilypad online story - Fred the FrogThe Lilypad
[illustrated version-htlm format] written by Eric Owen is a delightful short story of the adventures of Fred the frog looking for a new place to live. Find out how he finally finds a perfect home and how he finds it by helping others.

Read the online story and here are some story discussion suggestions:

  1. The story includes other animals: turtle, rabbits, worm, squirrel and snake, etc. Discuss in which sequence did Fred the Frog meet them (ordinal numbers practice). Who did he meet first, second, third, etc.
  2. Discuss where some of these animals live: the rabbits live in a warren, the squirrel that lives in the bough of a tree, the worm lives under the ground, etc. What kind of habitat could this be?  A forest? by a pond?
  3. What is Fred's good deed in the story? Who does he save?  What happens to him in the process of saving the unprotected nest with chicks?

Activity 3:  Art and Crafts

  1. Print this lily pad coloring page and have children draw Fred the Frog in his perfect home - the lily pad or print a frog coloring page, color and cut out and paste over the lily pad.

  2. Print your choice of a printable frog craft and incorporate the alphabet activities.

  3. Craft activity to compare a frog and toad > sensory experience: smooth frog and bumpy toad.

Activity 4: Alphabet Letter F Frog and incorporate craft activity

  1. Tell the children they are going to make a fun frog project (craft or coloring page activity).
  2. Point to the letter F frog color poster and tell the children the word frog starts with the letter F as well as Fred, the frog's name in the story, and the F sounds like ... Trace the letter F with your finger as you make the sound.
  3. Review other letter F words in the activity worksheet. Ask them if they can think of other things that have that sound.
  4. Include handwriting practice at your discretion.
Take a snack break or free play time

Activity 5: Hop around like a Frog or Leap frog
To get the children excited have fun hopping/jumping like a frog around the room, at the same time ask the children to say the F sound when they hop. Join the children in the hopping.

Have a great froggy fun day!