Bulletin Board Idea: Oak Tree and Acorns

Acorn Theme Activity 2: Great oaks from little acorns grow Preschool Lesson Plan

English proverb: Great oaks from little acorns grow in Ms. (Teacher's name) class!

Acorn craft
The bulletin board is decorated with an
acorn craft assembled by the children.

  1. Prepare bulletin board with your choice of background color.
  2. Prepare letters for title using stencils or write on a separate strip of paper to place over the background.
  3. Cut out a trunk and large cloud shapes for autumn foliage using tag board, construction paper or felt to fit your bulletin board.
  4. Visit the acorn craft and related activities: activity #2 to present this English proverb (saying). Children will assemble their craft and write their name in one of the arms of the acorn.

    This bulletin board would be suitable for an acorns theme (or nuts), oak tree, autumn theme, and trees theme.