Christmas Printable Activities and Worksheets

Christmas printable activities and worksheets suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. These activities are an extension of the Christmas lesson plans and crafts theme.

printable december calendar December Calendar
Circle or color day 25, Christmas day. Practice days of the week. Color in or use stickers for an Advent or Christmas day countdown.
christmas coloring pages Coloring Pages
Includes alphabet theme printable activities and writing worksheets
colors and shapes santa claus wreath activity Colors and Shapes Santa Claus Wreath
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Colors | Santa Claus | Shapes
colors and shapes christmas tree activity
Colors and Shapes Christmas Tree

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christmas wreath colors and shapes printable activity Colors and Shapes Christmas Wreath
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connect the dots for christmas

Various skills will be addressed. [all connect-the dots]
santa claus maze Santa Claus - St. Nicholas Maze
Start at the arrow, reach the star. Related activities: Santa Claus
christmas tree maze Christmas Tree Maze
Start at the arrow, reach the star. Count the ornaments.
Related activities: Christmas Trees [all mazes]
christmas patters Patterns for Christmas
Easy coloring and many crafty ideas. [all patterns]
Train Theme - The Polar Express Theme
alphabet express train worksheets Alphabet Express Worksheets
Trace letters A-Z in standard block and D'Nealian
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numbers express train worksheets Numbers Express Worksheets
Trace numbers 1 to 20
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The Twelve Days of Christmas Printable Activities The Twelve Days of Christmas Printable Activities
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Suggestions: My name is special!
Make sure children practice writing their name in the worksheets or write the name for them so they get acquainted to their name in writing.