Good Night, Gorilla Picture Book Preschool Printable Activities and Crafts
Good Night, Gorilla Book Preschool Printable Activities and Crafts

Activities Materials

Good Night, Gorilla is almost a "wordless" book that will charm everyone who is young at heart. It is the type of book that children go back to again and again as they grow and they discover something new in it each time.

The zoo theme book introduces children to seven different animals: the gorilla, a mouse, elephant, lion, giraffe, hyena and armadillo in that order. They also get to meet the kind zookeeper and the zookeeper's wife who live just outside the zoo grounds.

Good Night Gorilla picture book

Activity: "Read" and discuss the book: Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

Book Discussion
Depending on the ages of the children you can adjust how to "read" this book.
  • Ask children to describe what they see in the illustrations and what is happening.
  • What are the names of the animals.
  • Who is the man with the flashlight?
  • What is his career? Zookeeper.
  • What time of day is it, daytime or nighttime?
  • Where are the animals going as they get out of their cages?
  • Why are two pages all black with surprised eyes?
  • Who takes the animals back to the zoo?
  • What happens next?
  • Who do you think ate the banana, the gorilla or the mouse?
  • What items are inside the animals cages?
  • Take a look at the houses in the neighborhood as the animals approach, what do you see? Do the houses seem surprised?

Alternative activities: This book has endless possibilities for discussion and learning. Time can be devoted to learning a little about each animal over a period of time.

Activity: Sequence and Vocabulary with Good Night, Gorilla

materials needed: Finger Puppets, Small Stand-up Figures or Stickers

LARGE GROUP ACTIVITY: seven or more children
1. Print copies in color or black and white for as many children as you need (one finger puppet per child) and cut images and finger/stand holder template. Ideally print on construction paper or card stock. Only one template has been provided for the finger/stand holder - this one needs to be traced to make as many as you need from discarded paper or scraps of construction paper. Print the name of the animal in the image in your language of choice.

2. Place in a basket or bag and have the children pick one out, this way it is a surprise who they get to be in the story. Now they can color the puppet if applicable and they may need help having the puppet placed in finger and taped or they can be used a small stand up figures. Alternative: Use the images as stickers, and make a small mobile or small vertical banner.

3. Read the story a second time. Make an extra copy of the images to place the pictures in a board or felt board in no particular order.

4. Game Sequence and Recognizing the Name of the Animal: After reading the book and discussing ask the children if they remember the sequence in which the animals got out of the cages. Tell them you are going to play a game. *Educator will ask: Who got out of the cage first and the children holding that animal stand up and the rest of the children say, "Good Night, (name of the animal)." Obviously the gorilla was first, so all the children with the gorilla finger puppet need to stand up at that point and they can gather together in groups, until all children stand up in seven groups (one for each animal - include the mouse) and they all say Good Night. As each animal is called the educator can place the pictures in order in the board or felt board.

5. Dramatic Play: Now that the children are in groups for each animal, encourage each group to try and make sounds and gestures the animal might make. You can discuss to make sure that all children have an idea of what sounds the animals would make: lion would (roar), hyena (laugh), etc. Tell them to gesture how would the animals go to sleep.

SMALL GROUP (under seven children):
1. Each child will get a complete set of animals. Print and cut as many copies as you need.

2. The children can color and assemble as stand up figures. They will need help placing the tape or glue in the last step of assembly. Idea: Put a little piece of tape on the back of the images and tape against small Lego blocks (the 1" size blocks are perfect).

3. Once all the children have their seven figures ready have them choose the first animal that got out of the cage and so forth and to place them in front of them in that order. Another method is to color the image only, and use as stickers on a piece of paper and encourage the children to place them sequence. Alternative: Make a small vertical banner or a small mobile.

4. Do step 5 above - Dramatic Play.

Activity: Alphabet Lesson Plan Printable Activities > Alphabet letter Z is for Zoo
The book is a zoo theme book. This is also a good opportunity to address letter Z, what is a zoo and the community helper, the zookeeper.

Alphabet letter G is for Gorilla and learn about gorillas and more activities and crafts

Activity: Animals of Goodnight Gorilla Coloring Book:
Put together a coloring book of the animals in Goodnight, Gorilla > review links in the materials column.

good night gorilla finger puppets or stickers
Good Night, Gorilla
Finger puppets |
stand-up figures or stickers
color version

black and white

Make a coloring book with animals and zookeeper in the story:
mouse mice ocloring pages
mouse (various)

Gorillas and apes coloring pages

gorilla 1 or 2

elephant coloring pages
elephant (various)

armadillo coloring page

giraffe coloring pages
giraffe (various)

hyena coloring page
hyena 1 - 2

lion coloring page

zookeeper coloring page
zookeeper coloring page

Alphabet Printable Activities:
letter g gorilla printable activities

Letter G Gorilla

letter z zoo printable activities
Letter Z Zoo

*more gorilla crafts

*paper, construction paper or card stock
*something to color with