New Content and Updates - January thru June 2022

Come and visit the new content and updates in to find fun early childhood printable activities and lesson plans for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten.

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May 2022 New:
* Most recent marked in bold *
Updated: May 18
Alphabet printable activities:
Updated: May 15

Updated alphabet online puzzles A to Z: new images with a companion coloring page oriented to ages five and under. All previous alphabet puzzles were retired.

Updated: May 5
Coloring pages:
added to ocean - marine animals:
April 2022 New:
Updated: April 20
New Animals Alphabet - Set 2 printable activities Pre-K - 1st grade level: Alphabet printable activities activities: Updated: April 17
added to Arbor Day and Trees coloring pages: Updated: April 14

Happy Numbers: Coloring pages 0 to 9 & coloring mini-book - an introduction to numbers for toddlers and preschoolers

Updated: April 13
added to Earth Day & Arbor Day coloring pages: added to Easter Bunny coloring pages: Updated: April 12
External Resources - great lesson plans, and printable activities for:
  • Lemurs @ Lemur Conservation Foundation (you must fill out a five question survey for the lesson plans)
  • Manatees @
Updated: April 9

Animals alphabet coloring pages A to Z for toddlers - HugMe Collection

Updated: April 7

Xenops [online puzzle] [coloring page]

Updated: April 7
Coloring pages - various categories: Highlight: HugMe Collection: A new collection of printable activities oriented to children ages 2-4. When you view the template to print it is identified at the bottom of the page. The images are friendly, large, fun and easy to color.

Updated: March 22

Bible Alphabet Updated: coloring page & handwriting worksheets standard block & modern manuscript

Updated: March 21

Alphabet printable activities A to Z (generic set #2): coloring pages & handwriting worksheets - standard block print

Updated: March 19

Alphabet printable activities: posters, coloring pages, handwriting worksheets:

Updated: March 15

Mar 15 - Handwriting Worksheets Updated: standard block & modern manuscript.

Updated: March 7

Spring coloring book cover > portrait o landscape - view spring coloring page galleries

Coloring pages w/text - Legendary creatures, folkclore or mythical: Updated: March 4

Alphabet handwriting worksheets A to Z review - choose uppercase or lowercase (14 pages)

Updated: March 1
Mermaids & mermen: coloring pages, coloring book covers & writing paper - new gallery - 21 images

February 2022 New:

Dove [online puzzle] [coloring page]

New Animals Alphabet printable activities Pre-K - 1st grade level: posters, coloring pages, handwriting worksheets:

Happy Numbers - 26 Worksheets:

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